Dominic Fragman is a percussionist and perpetual student of the arts based in New York City.  He has been involved with the production of drummer Paul F. Murphy's latest album with pianist Larry Willis, Foundations.  Murphy has gained notoriety as a leader and as the drummer for alto saxophonist Jimmy Lyons.  Both musicians are documented as part of Soundstream's first digital recording efforts at RCA in 1982.  As part of his visual art projects, Fragman has assembled video pieces for the music of Murphy and Lyons:

Steppin Out - Icons of Jazz to the music of Murphy and Lyons duo from CBS: Red Snapper
Gossip - Icons of dance to the music of Jimmy Lyons Quintet
Preter - Icons of Paint to the music of Murphy and Willis
Runes Cape - Murphy, Willis, poet Jere Carroll (select poet for the grand opening of the Mary Pickford  
                       Theatre at the Library of Congress)

The endeavors of Murphy, Lyons and Willis culminate in affiliations with iconic leaders in the arts including Gene Krupa, Buster Bailey, Dizzy Gillespie, Leonard Berstein, Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, Lee Morgan, Miles Davis, Rashied Ali, Salvador Dali, Cecil Taylor and Joan Miro.  Fragman was asked to author an entry on Murphy for the coming edition of Oxford University Press's Grove Music Dictionary.

Fragman works to assimilate the knowledge of the tradition and modern concepts shared with him by master musicians like Paul Murphy, Cecil Taylor and Larry Willis.  He performs as a soloist and has played with William Parker, Charles Gayle, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen and James Brandon Lewis.