Dominic Fragman "brings innovation to his musical approach" states WBAL news radio. Right This Minute TV calls him a "musical genius." His work has been recognized by Guitar Player Magazine and Laughing Squid as "amazing" and "remarkable." What's Up Magazine says he is "exploring music from all angles with his instrument and free spirit."

Fragman is a modern artist of craft and spirit aligning with that of the old masters, ethereally and literally. He is a direct descendant of the lineage of groundbreaking jazz musicians including iconic masters, Paul F. Murphy, Larry Willis, and Cecil Taylor. An internationally regarded multi-instrumentalist, Fragman is a music performer, educator, lecturer, and program designer who's work focuses on improvisation, innovation, and freedom. 

Fragman is the co-founder of the Spirit of Jazz & Democracy, the Spirit of Innovation & Freedom, the Spirit of Innovation & Drumming, and the Mind Set of Innovation. His programming and work with Murphy, Willis, poet laureate Jere Carroll, and philosopher Dr. Sybol Anderson has been recognized as historic. Fragman has formed partnerships for his programs with Zildjian, Loyola University of New Orleans, the Isaiah Institute of New Orleans, and the New Orleans Partnership for Peace & Public Safety.

In 2016, after 8 years fully immersed in apprenticeship with Murphy, study with groundbreaking pianist, Cecil Taylor, and participation in two recording sessions with Murphy and Larry Willis (Foundations (2009) and an unreleased session), Fragman developed the Spirit of Jazz & Democracy program (SJD). SJD is a program of lectures, concerts, workshops, and master classes that engage audiences in experiences of intentional listening and expression in the context of performances and discussions of jazz and democracy. At the center of the program are fully improvised concerts by master musicians Paul F. Murphy and Larry Willis, with guest performances by poet Jere Carroll as well as Fragman. Oxford University Press' Grove Dictionary of American Music has noted Murphy and Willis' music as "a new direction in jazz and art."

In September 2016 Fragman and SJD were hosted by St. Mary's College of Maryland and met tremendous reception. Following the initial engagement the college organized a semester long residency for SJD in the fall of 2017. The 7 events of the residency were supported by grants from Maryland Humanities and the Art Alliance of St. Mary's College of Maryland. The SJD SMCM residency also resulted in 2 new recording credits for Fragman with Murphy and Willis: Freedom's Bell (2017) and the unreleased Dance of the Seven Spheres

In 2018 SJD will be presenting at Regis University in Denver, CO and Loyola University of New Orleans. Fragman will begin 2019 with a presentation of his program the Spirit of Innovation & Freedom (SIF) at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum. The SIF program focuses on the similarities in the process of innovation across disciplines and includes a panel on improvisation, unconventional thinking, and the evolution of information with Fragman, Murphy, and F-16 and A-10 conceptual designer, Pierre Sprey. Sprey is also a record producer and chief engineer/founder of Mapleshade Records.

Fragman is also the feature artist of the Wicked Chops Practice Pad, a revolutionary drum practice pad invented by Murphy. The Wicked Chops Pad was introduced to the global market in December 2017 through AHEAD and Big Bang Distribution. The pad is available in 172 countries. Fragman was featured with Wicked Chops and AHEAD at NAMM 2018, the largest music trade show in the world. He is also the weekly host of Wicked Chops Live on Drum Talk TV which receives about 10,000 views per episode.

Additionally, Fragman has gained international attention for his innovative approach to the one man band concept: the Solo Trio. He plays guitar, drum set, and sings simultaneously. His performances are often lauded as mind-blowing, sensational experiences. After seeing Fragman perform, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Leon Russel commented, "It's amazing. Had I not seen it I wouldn't have been able to imagine it." Fragman has performed as the Solo Trio on the National Mall for the DC Rally 4 Refugees, at FloydFest, The Annapolis Fringe Festival, Rams On Stage and Rams Head Live. He has been on TV in the US and Japan and in Guitar Player Magazine, Guitar World, and the UK's Classic Rock Magazine. 

Fragman has also toured Europe and the U.S. with various groups and is a Zildjian, Regal Tip, Wicked Chops, AHEAD, Booty Shakers, and Kaces Gig Bags Artist. He has performed at the Jazz and Wine of Peace Festival, Salerno Jazz Festival, So What's Next Festival and the Jamboree Jazz Club Festival. He has given master classes and clinics at Loyola University of New Orleans, St. Mary's College of Maryland, the Calverton School, Salerno Conservatory of Music, and Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center.