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Dominic Fragman

Dominic Fragman is a unique and exciting solo artist who performs original and improvised material through singing, playing guitar and drumming . . . all at the same time. All Live. No Looping. Fragman has an inventive approach to the one man band concept. The Solo Trio.

Fragman is also an active clinician, lecturer, and educator. He is the co-founder of the Spirit of Jazz & Democracy, the Spirit of Innovation & Drumming, and the Mind Set of Innovation. He studies music, drumming, and composition under master drummer, Paul F. Murphy. He has also studied and played with iconic pianist and innovator, Cecil Taylor as well as renowned bebop pianist, Larry Willis.

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Spirit of Jazz & Democracy

The Spirit of Jazz & Democracy is a program of interactive lectures, concerts, workshops, and masterclasses that highlight the congruency of jazz and democracy and focus on the role of improvisation and innovation in the expansion of freedom and the betterment of the human condition. 

MindSet of Innovation

Innovation is essential to the expansion of freedom. The Mindset of Innovation programming fosters and facilitates freedom by teaching and promoting free-thinking, self-liberation, and the peaceful tolerance of ideas and truths.

. . . A Kung Fu Master of the drums. He is the next generation of trailblazing drummers and pushes the boundaries of rhythm exploring music form all angles with his instrument and free spirit.
— What's Up Magazine
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Upcoming Solo Trio Improvisation EP

Fragman will be releasing an EP of Solo Trio improvisations in April 2018. The EP will be available on iTunes & Spotify

wicked Chops at the connecticut Drum show

Fragman will be representing Paul F. Murphy's Wicked Chops Pad at the Connecticut Drum Show on April 22, 2018.





Wicked Chops at the Delaware drum Show

The Wicked Chops team with Donald Witter, Paul F. Murphy, and Dominic Fragman will be demoing the Wicked Chops Pad at the Delaware Drum Show, February 25, 2018.

Wicked Chops at NAmm18

Donald Witter and Dominic Fragman with be representing AHEAD and the Wicked Chops Pad at the Winter NAMM conference in Anaheim, January 25-28th.








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